William G. Smith

Bill Smith has over 40 years experience in the environmental field. For the last 34 years he has owned and operated Enviro/Sci Corporation providing his expertise of troubleshooting the design, operation, start up and process optimization of water and wastewater treatment plants. He holds 3 method patents for wastewater treatment with a 4th patent pending. For the past 24 years he has written and employed numerous mathematical models for wastewater treatment and recently has been collaborating with the developer of one of the most advanced wastewater modeling software systems for wastewater design. He is currently working with the developer on the adaptation of the software to online operation and monitoring of wastewater treatment plants.

He is the author of four PA DEP approved courses for the continuing education of water and wastewater operators being the first to provide live Internet training. He has given numerous presentations dealing with wastewater treatment. He was the first to develop wastewater treatment plant software for online data entry and reporting for Discharge Monitoring Report. The software has been employed for 5 years by one of the largest investor own water utilities in the US.

Bill has provided consulting services to a broad range of clients including developers, engineering companies, industrial companies, financial institutions as well as several of the largest utilities in the United States. He has been on the leading edge of technology in the wastewater field and most recently is working on wastewater to energy from sewage and removal of pharmaceuticals from wastewater.

He holds a degree in analytical chemistry and subsequent studies in both chemical and environmental engineering. Bill is a recognized expert in development of innovative solutions for wastewater optimization and compliance as well as for the development of new methodologies for water and wastewater treatment.

Bill Smith’s title for since 1974 has been the “Shitective TM”. His unique analytical services have been compared to that of a detective for a water and wastewater treatment. These  unique abilities in solving water and wastewater problems have led to the issuance of numerous patents nationally and internationally.

The definition of “Shitective TM”.  is as follows:

shi·tec·tive [she-tek-tiv]; one skilled in the art of investigations or an  investigator whose functions is to provide services including those of obtaining, evaluating and providing  information, evidence, services, and treatment solutions for offenses against pollution as it relates to water and wastewater treatment processes. Such goods being analytical devices, additives, and process equipment for treating residential, municipal and commercial wastewater. The application also includes the services of consulting in regard to the treatment of water and wastewater, such services including reviewing and diagnosing existing plants to recommend corrective actions and/or upgrading of the plants, recommendations for new plants and design and operation of wastewater plants.


Enviro/Sci Corporation, President & Founder (1974 - present)

Operator Training/Continuing Education Courses - Author:
Return Activated Sludge 101, Author, Certified PA DEP 8 hours #1412
Legal Responsibility for Operators, Co-author, Certified PA DEP 4 hours #1411
Mathematical Modeling for Wastewater Operation and Troubleshooting, Author, PA DEP 5 hours #2497
Sequencing Batch Reactors 101, Author, Certified PA DEP 6 hours #2940

“Wastewater Sampling for Process Quality Control”, WEF MOP-OM-1, member of Task Force for Wastewater Sampling for Process Quality Control 1996

Software for Online DMR reporting, operation and trending: inventor & developer, employed by major utility for 42 sewage plants’ DMR reporting

Creator of over 100+ mathematical models for wastewater treatment & troubleshooting. 24 years experience in design, development and implementation of wastewater modeling.

Mathematical Modeling: proficient in the use of both BioWin© and Aquifas© wastewater modeling software with noted recognition by Aquifas for contributions. Contributing Consultant to Aquifas for model design and applications.

Consultant for Wastewater Treatment & Process Troubleshooting to numerous national and international companies including the largest US water and wastewater utilities, engineering firms, developers & industrial companies

Licensed Wastewater Operator: PA Class A,E, 1,2,3,4 NJ Class S4, NN